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Osteoarthritic Knee Pain touches and slows the lives of millions of people all over the world. At first, many will dismiss the pain as just a “catch” or a muscle spasm, but more severe symptoms can develop, pushing those who are suffering to seek injections and surgical treatments.

Arterial leg ulcer illustration


  • Stiffness in the knee upon rising in the morning or when you have been sitting for a long time
  • The appearance of swelling or feeling puffy
  • Cracking or grinding noise when you move your knee
  • Knee feels wobbly as if it could buckle or “give out.”

Primary Cause

  • New or old knee injury
  • Frequent stress on your knee at your job or while playing sports
  • An inherited tendency to develop osteoarthritis of the knee
  • You have crooked bones or joints, such as having knocked knees

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Dr. Moinakhtar Lala and Dr. Mehran J. Khorsandi of CACVI

Dr. M Lala, Dr. Mehran J. Khorsandi and Dr. V Lala

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The Center for Advanced Cardiac and Vascular Interventions (CACVI) is led by Dr. M Lala, Dr. Khorsandi and Dr. V Lala, who have over thirty years of practice with over 15,000 successful vascular and cardiac procedures performed. Our physicians are determined to provide each patient with unparalleled expertise and compassionate care as they work diligently to improve your health.

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