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My mom had trouble walking and we went to see a very reputable cardiologist, who examined her and told us that she needs an angiogram and even though he could get it, he recommended dr. Lala, who in his words was the best in Los Angeles when it comes to complicated cases. Making an appointment with Dr. Lala was a breeze, especially compared to other medical offices, who wouldn’t even return phone calls for an appointment. Dr Lala and his partner Dr Khorsandi are The Best!!

From the initial visit they were very professional, courteous and compassionate. Dr Lala really has a way to make people comfortable while addressing their concerns. He assured us that even though the case was complicated, he will take care of it and my mom would be able to walk again. He treated us as part of his family and gained our trust 100% and trusting your physician is a very important element of the healing process. Dr Lala and Dr Khorsandi performed several angiograms on my mom, with ultrasound and follow ups after each procedure and now my mom

i can walk again!!!! Glory to God and thank you Dr Lala and Dr Khorsandi for

saving my mom’s legs. Thank you for your outstanding work, professionalism, compassion and understanding!!! And thank you to all you guys and gals in the back and at the Front Desk, who work tirelessly to prepare the patients for surgery and stay with them during recovery. You have been very professional, kind and caring!! The office on Alden Drive is very clean and pleasant and Elana, who is in charge of booking, always makes us feel at home. I know going to the doctor and especially for a surgery is not usually considered a pleasant experience, but in the office and hands of Dr Lala and Dr Khorsandi and their top notch team it’s as pleasant as it can be!! If you or your loved ones are in a need of a Cardiologist don’t settle for anything less than the best!!! Good luck and God bless you all!

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Bobby Solakov

My team and I worked with Dr. Khorsandi and his team to create a world class office and surgery center. They are very professional and highly expertises in cardiology field. Dr. Khorsandi is very detail oriented and uses high level of technology. They are operating and serving patients in a high performance level.
Mitra S.


CACVI – Drs. Lala and Khorsandi and staff are nothing short of amazing. My wife had severe vascular problems due to a blood deficiency. It had come to the point where our active lives of travel and “doing” had pretty much come to a stop. Doctor visits, hospital stays, ER visits, it was a living nightmare until we met Dr. Khorsandi and Lala…..and now, 6 months later, my wife is pretty much pain free….her situation is under control….and we are back taking off on a moment’s notice…travelling…doing…and enjoying life again….We can’t say enough for the doctors and staff…their smiles, encouragement, professionalism, caring, empathy and….finding a solution so we can live life again. Now we are actively making up for a year of lost time….and owe it all to CACVI….where no one else could find a solution…they did! THANK YOU!!!!!
Don S.

Woodland Hills, CA, Yelp

I highly recommend this practice. Both Dr.Khorsandi and Dr.Lala are caring and compassionate. The office is well organized and make everyone feel special. The best place to go for all your cardiac and vascular needs.
Eguzman T.

Los Angeles, CA, Yelp

Dr. Lala and his entire office were outstanding. They agreed to see my brother the same day we called, even without insurance. He did an angiogram and cleared an arterial blockage two other physicians couldn’t, all on the first visit. His team was very invested and enthusiastic in my brother’s health, recovery and saving his leg.
Robin S.

California, Google

I see both Dr LaLa and Dr Khorsandi and 5 stars are simply NOT enough for these two physicians. They changed, and saved, my life with their interventional vascular treatment. Their office is state of the art and their entire staff is top notch. They work as a team and they all seem to really respect each other. They are available to answer questions and their surgery suite it top notch. I highly recommend this practice.

Studio City, Yelp

This is a sketch of my 94 year old grandma’s 100% occlusion of the right limb all the way to her foot. A discovery made by an interventional cardiologist after several weeks of uncontrollable pain and repeated visits to hospitals with no answers. When my grandma visited Loma Linda University Hospital in California with a 10/10 pain in her foot, she was asked why exactly was she there? Only to be sent home 4 hours later with 10/10 pain.

So incredibly fortunate that my grandma was finally treated by the best in the west interventionalist at CACVI.

Corina G. M.


Dr Khorsandi is a phenomenal specialist. One of the most attentive, interested, and compassionate physicians I have ever seen. He is not only knowledgeable, but very attuned to the individual he is dealing with, their concerns and their lifestyle. I would highly recommend him as a wonderful specialist with an unbelievably kind and nurturing staff.
Laylya B

Los Angeles, Yelp

Dr. Khorsandi, I am emailing you to say thank you. I originally came to you after receiving another doctor’s recommendation to do a quadrupole bypass…freaked me out…there was no way. Today, thanks to you, I am very well. We yearly go to Switzerland and do incline hiking in the alps, and I stay active at home. We no longer live in LA (now North Carolina), and have had several carotid surgeries, in Zurich and LA, but it was your initial redirection of how to deal with my health that has made such a huge difference in my confidence. You are my hero!

Personal Email

Dr Lala is an amazing and caring physician. He is very attentive and hears what his patients are expressing. Thanks to this ability, he was able to diagnose an overlooked/ignored symptom that had been with me since childhood. His greatest gift besides his medical skills is his incredible bed side manner. His warm smile and genuine kindness and care makes his patients feel cared about, truly valued as a human being and safe in his hands.
Granada Hills, CA


Caring, knowledgeable with a wonderful bedside manner…highly recommend him. He is well versed in his trade and takes the time to not only make you feel comfortable but confident in his ablity. His staff are always pleasant, cooperative and helpful. Again, I highly recommend him.
Jack Barclay

Encino, CA, Healthgrades

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With over thirty years of practice specializing in endovascular interventions, amputation prevention, and complex coronary diseases, Dr. Khorsandi and Dr. Lala have performed over 20,000 successful procedures. Our team is here to provide you with unparalleled expertise and compassionate care as we work diligently to improve your health.

Dr. V Lala



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